Documentary webseries, HD, 3 x 20 mn, 2020, produced by Dryades Films
Film (single version of the 3 episodes), HD, 52 mn

Available for viewing at the library of l’Institut du monde arabe

Through a road trip from Israel to the West Bank, the director takes us to meet young Palestinian women who tell us about their culture and their identity, in a disputed territory.

With the portraits of Nadia Johns, Yasmine Eve, Safaa Hathot, Ghadeer Dajani (Disarming Design from Palestine), Nathalie Tahhan, Samaa Wakeem, Mirna Bamieh (Palestine Hosting Society), Hazar Azzeh (Palestine Circus School), Haya K

3 episodes online on in 2020

Le Bar à Bulles, Moulin Rouge (09/22/21), FIGRA 2021, Festival Ciné-Palestine (Paris & Toulouse), Yaffawiyeh Festival (Haïfa), DocuMed (Tunisie), MiddleEast Now (Firenze), Filmer c’est exister (Geneva), MediOrizzonti Festival (Verona), Porto Burci (Vicenza), Institut Français de Gaza.


Press : Le Monde , Télérama , Manifesto Pan African Music Courrier International GRRIF

With the support from
Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée –CNC XN, CNC Talent, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and of Roberto Cimetta funds, in partnership with Courrier International 

Distribution : Beliane


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