Le Lac des brumes

2010 – LE LAC DES BRUMES, 30 min, DVCam

le lac des brumes

Best Student Film – Traces de vie, Clermont-Ferrand
Special mention from the jury – Festival St Paul Trois Châteaux
Selections : Festivals Entretodos, Sao Paulo,
Belo Horizonte Festival
Journées Professionnelles d’Alsace, Strasbourg
Mirror Space Galerie, Berlin

Thao, young vietnamese who grew up in France, lives with his parents. His father, passionate about philosophy, fought in his native country alongside the Viêt-Congs and runs a restaurant in Lyon. In France for eighteen years, nostalgic for their country, Thao’s parents remain faithful to their traditional culture and dream of returning to Vietnam. The young girl expresses her reluctance. Behind the counter, Thao and his parents clash: family reunions can be stormy. Portrait of a young woman who is looking for herself, in a society where she does not feel legitimate.

Direction & image : Mariette Auvray
Sound : Mariette Auvray, Antoine Dagallier
Editing : Mariette Auvray, Déborah Benarrosch
Soundmix : Fanny Weinzaepflen, Margot Testemale


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