Short movies (selection)

A nos parts absentes, HD, 20 mn, 2022

Distributed by the Collectif Jeune Cinéma

Part of exhibition J’aurais voulu être un artiste, april-june 2021,
curated by Véra Léon (Le genre à l’oeil)

Screening, may 28th 2021, Mains d’Oeuvres, part of Cinémathèque temporaire cycle
from the Collectif Jeune Cinéma

Mirrors of Tokyo, HD, 20 mn, 2022
Short film shot during Tokyo Wonder residency, Tokyo, 2017
A travelogue and a reflection from a foreign director on the difficulties of women in japanese society, through the meeting of a geisha, a DJ, and a young mother, met in Sumida, the neighborhood in which she lived in Tokyo.

Tokyo Wonder exhibition, 2017
La Féministhèque X Pop Meuf, Pavillon des Canaux, 2017

Concert, HD, 10mn, 2012

Faces and states of transe in hardcore concerts.
Shot at La Miroiterie, Paris, 2012

Kathen Ceremonies, HD, 10mn, 2010

In Cambodia, the Kathen ceremonies celebrate the end of the rainy season. « The kathen was, it is said, instituted by the Buddha himself because some of his disciples had their clothes soiled with mud, while going after the rainy season to seek alms along the soggy paths; he therefore enabled them to accept donations of clean clothing.  » A priest collects donations, makes nirvana vows, and prayers last day and night in the Cambodian countryside.

Paysages transitoires – Installation 3 screens, 3 x 5mn

Collage between three voices, three stories of women. A Cameroonian woman, an Iranian woman and an Italian woman tell us their first impressions on arrival in France, in their mother tongue. While they speak of the upheaval of their spatial and identity landmarks, the camera follows the course of their thoughts through a nocturnal and solitary Paris. The installation is an immersion in a landscape state of mind, the experience of a look in migration. These films are landscapes that refer to a distanced vision of the urban space, as they were able to feel when they arrived. The montage draws a balance between a form of confidence and exteriors as seen from the inside.

Childhood, super8, 10mn, 2008

Travel diary of Toronto, where I lived for a year, from 2007 to 2008, a place where I came back as a child, because I don’t speak the language. From the passing of the seasons in the city, we cross the beaches of Ontario, an Italian religious procession, we see Jewish families and single men taking the ferry to the islands, girls dancing and drawing lines in the sand.
Mariette Auvray, Super8, 10mn, 2008

Music : « Inédits pour Ondes Martenot et piano », Olivier Messiaen
(Interpreters : Claude Samuel Lévine, Klaus Simon)

Distributed by the Collectif Jeune Cinéma


Sens – Partie I & II

Sens Partie I (en consultation sur demande)
A couple sensually kiss in a bedroom, to Billie Holiday’s sound.

Sens Partie II
A trip into Paris by the elevated railway, some tree’s whirl and a young girl. An ode to the elements’ natural movement.

Screening, Experiment 120 program, 2021, curated by Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Part of Experiment 120 program, curated by Marie-Pierre Bonniol

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